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QC3.0 fast charge

  • Product item : MR-L30W
  • QC3.0 fast charge
  • 2.4A flash charge
  • QC3.0 fast charge
  • USB charger
  • Product description: 3USB multi-port QC3.0 fast charge for Huawei millet Apple mobile phone charger US-European British standard 2.4A flash charge


Product Name:

3USB QC3.0 fast charge

Product Specification:

Input: AC100-240V 50/60Hz 0.5A international universal
Total output power: 30W (maximum)
Output interface 1: DC3.6V-6.5V~3A, DC6.5V-9V~2A
The green QC interface supports both Samsung AFC and Huawei FCP fast charging protocol. The maximum power of a single port is 18W.
Output interface 2: DC5V~2.4A (smart adaptation)
Output interface 3: DC5V~2.4A (smart adaptation)
Interface 2 and interface 3 single port maximum power 12W, while using a total of 12W
Quoted for neutral charger bare metal, no packaging
The default price is US and European regulations, and the British standard requires a price increase of 1 yuan.
Accept custom brand LOGO, please contact if necessary
High quality, CE/FCC/ROHS certified, suitable for branded high-end products
The weight of a single product is about 70g, a box of 50 bare metal, the box size is 30*29*5cm
US applicable areas: China, Taiwan, the United States, Japan, Thailand, the Philippines, Canada, etc.
European regulations: Korea, India, and European countries such as Russia, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy
British applicable areas: Hong Kong, China, Macau, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Malaysia, Maldives, etc.

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